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THE FANBOY GARAGE: ‘Here Comes the Spider-Man, 2019 the Year of Both Marvel and DCU Heroes, and Star Wars Episode IX’


On the 31st  episode of The Fanboy Garage, hosts Aaron Virola and Chris Lisanti immediately unpack their thoughts on the recent trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home and talk about their excitement for the film. 

You can listen to the latest episode right here….

As part of the conversation they discuss 2019 at large and look forward to the monster year both Marvel and DC will have in the coming months. From Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far From Home to the continued success of Aquaman, and the release of Shazam and The Joker, both studios will deliver something for all fans to love. 

During the segment, they chat about the progression of the Disney/Fox merger and speculate on how soon they expect to see properties like the X-Men, Deadpool and X-Force make their way into the MCU or remain separate.

To close the show, they answer several listener questions about Star Wars: Episode IX, the close of the 2018 Box Office and the signing of Chris Jericho to the AEW.

2019 is sure to be an exciting year with guests and thought provoking topics (fingers crossed). Be sure keep the conversation going by tweeting them @TheFanboyGarage or stalk their pictures on the gram at The Fanboy Garage.

Or you can email them directly at to ask questions, listen to previous episodes or check out the latest merchandise (there’s even a Star Wars inspired tee). If you like what you’re hearing, don’t forget to leave them a five-star review.


Aaron Virola

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