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M. Night Shyamalan Explains Why He Rejected Offers For DC And Marvel Films


With his latest film Glass hitting theaters later this week, M. Night Shyamalan has been on the promotional trail lately. Last month the director recounted how he pitched his latest film to the higher ups at Disney and Universal Studios, as well as his return to form with his past two films. We also recently learned that Glass will feature never before seen footage from Shyamalan’s first entry in his superhero trilogy, Unbreakable. As it turns out, Shyamalan has apparently been approached to helm DC and Marvel films in the past and turned the offers down.

I want to make sure it’s right for everybody. I have a strong [filmmaking] accent. It’s very particular, and the best version of it is, to keep the accent,” Shyamalan told Yahoo in a new interview.

Are those movies [Marvel and DC superhero films] a place for that? Or is it appropriate for that?” the director continued. “Because they, in and of themselves, have their own flavor. Do they want this other tabasco in there? So it’s philosophically a question. It doesn’t mean [I’ll] never [do it], but it’s very hard to imagine. Filmmakers that have a heavy accent – I don’t necessarily want them to make those movies.

Shyamalan raises a valid point, though I’m not sure that I completely agree with him. After all, consider the massive success Christopher Nolan found with his Dark Knight trilogy and how he was able to successfully able to translate the long established mythos of Batman onto the big screen in his own unique manner.  There is always some amount of personal interpretation that comes with making superhero films- although naturally a great deal of it comes down to audiences’ reaction.

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