Today marks the One Year Anniversary of Revenge of The Fans. As such, we’ve found a few key ways to celebrate this milestone. From collected volumes of RTF reports on specific topics, to an exclusive Marvel TV casting scoop, to this very special edition of The Revengers Podcast!

We got together members of all four current RTF podcasts to discuss all of the biggest stories from 2018 (Our Year One), as well as how they think 2019 (Year Two) may play out.

On the show, you’ll hear Mario-Francisco Robles (The Fanboy Podcast, The Revengers Podcast), Vanessa Bontea (The Revengers Podcast), Brett Miro (The Revengers Podcast, The Play It LOUDCast), Chris Lisanti (The Fanboy Garage), and Aaron Virola (The Fanboy Garage) cover all kinds of geek topics.

Along the way, they touch on Avengers, Star Wars, Aquaman, Shazam!, Joker, Fox/Disney merger, and so much more.

You can listen to Episode 38 of The Revengers Podcast, titled “YEAR ONE Edition- Members of Every RTF Podcast Discuss The Biggest Stories and Trends of Our First Year, And Look To The Future!”” right here:

Or, better yet, you can subscribe to The Revengers Podcast on Apple Podcasts, TuneIn, Stitcher, Google Play, Podbean, and where ever else premium podcasts are found!


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