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McQuarrie Reunites With Tom Cruise For A Double Whammy Of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Films!


Looking back on the past year, I feel confident in saying that 2018 was a rather special year for recognizing talented filmmakers. Early hits such as Annihilation and Game Night proved the talents of directors such as Alex Garland, John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. Hereditary also established newcomer Ari Aster as a remarkably insightful, nuanced storyteller with a penchant for subtle camerawork. Perhaps the biggest surprise though came from Christopher McQuarrie with the massive summer hit Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Despite being the first director to return to helm another film in the spy franchise, McQuarrie shocked critics and audiences by drastically revamping his aesthetics and approach for the followup to Rogue Nation, resulting in an entry that was compared on more than one occasion to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. In short, not only did McQuarrie up the ante with Fallout and continue to entertain audiences, he demonstrated a surprising versatility in doing so. So naturally Paramount Pictures did everything in their power to bring the man back for a third go at it.

Variety reports that not only did the studio succeed in recruiting McQuarrie once again, but that he will in fact be writing and directing two new Mission: Impossible films back-to-back, much like how the Russo Brothers made Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame back-to-back. The new films will be released in Summer 2021 and Summer 2022 respectively. Naturally longtime series lead Tom Cruise will also return as IMF agent Ethan Hunt for both films.

As is often the case, I’m excited by this news. While it is a bummer that we won’t be seeing McQuarrie helm a DCU film anytime soon, I quite love the work he put into both Rogue Nation and Fallout. It will be interesting to see if he once again opts to approach the new duo of films in a different manner than his previous entries.

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SOURCE: Variety


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