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EASTERN PROMISES 2 is Happening (At Least I Think That’s What Stephen Knight Said)


Do you remember Eastern Promises? It’s the one where Viggo Mortensen fights a dude naked in a Russian bathhouse. Even if you haven’t seen it, you more than likely heard about that scene.

Well, the movie was a critical hit, and while it didn’t break records at the box office, it held its own and has even gained a decent cult status over the years. (Perhaps mainly because of that bathroom brawl.)

There was talk of a sequel for a bit, but that was all seemingly put to rest when in 2010 director David Cronenberg said the project was “pretty much dead.” Now, things seem to have changed.

Steven Knight, who wrote the original film, is talking about Eastern Promise 2 again. Here’s what he had to say:

“It is like fishing, where you have it out there. And it’s been out there for a while. It went through permutations in the sense of, how do you follow Viggo? We’ve been through that and we’ve moved on and now we’re in a position where I will say ‘watch this space,’ we’re close to getting into productions.”

What the heckdoes that mean? I have no idea, but the good news is that the people over at Collider have deciphered it to mean that Eastern Promises 2 may be going into production later this year, albeit without Mortensen or Cronenberg, or Naomi Watts or Vincent Cassel… So how is this a sequel? Or is this one of those sequels that isn’t really a sequel but “takes place in the same world” as the original?

Knight was tight lipped about the plot, but did say this:

“[The script] changed a bit. It changed quite recently as a result of events in the world. The topicality of the Russia thing. I’ve adapted it to reflect recent events.”

Knight was also cagey on who the director is, but alluded to someone being chosen, or at least strongly considered.

What do you think of a potential Eastern Promises 2?Has too much time gone by since the 2007 original? Is there even a point to it without Mortensen or Cronenberg returning? Let us know what you think below!

SOURCE: Collider


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