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LADY SIF Is The Next Marvel Character To Get A TV Show On Disney +


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it might be difficult to guess where the future lies after the events of Infinity War and the ominous Avengers: Endgame trailer. But on the outside, it is easy to see a trend. While the MCU will never leave the big budget theatrical productions, they have a new avenue to explore the smaller supporting characters in Disney+. We already know that a Vision and The Scarlet Witch series is happening, as well as a Falcon and Winter Soldier one. We might even get treated to a Rocket and Groot show on the streaming service! But that isn’t where it stops. We could be getting some cosmic adventures with one of Thor’s friends: Lady Sif.

Discussing Film reports that the Asgardian warrior is set to get her own series on the streaming service that I can’t wait to start paying for. Sif was played by Jaimie Alexander in Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD. She was curiously absent in Thor: Ragnarok during the destruction of Asgard, and the subsequent events with Thanos in Infinity War. Perhaps the series will cover that time period to see what she could have possibly been doing instead of helping Thor.

Alexander was busy filming her NBC show The Blindspot during Ragnarok’s filming which is perhaps why she didn’t appear. Or, maybe since the Warriors Three were swiftly dealt with, she declined to appear in order to save her character’s fate?

It just goes to show you, while you never know who will pop up in an MCU film, you really don’t know who Marvel has their sights set on for their own TV series. Perhaps the Warriors Three could appear if it is set pre-Raganarok.

I’d rather have a Korg series, but maybe we can get that in future.

Lady Sif will premiere exclusively on Disney+, whenever that launches and Disney takes even more of my money.

Source: Discussing Film


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