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Do you hear that, dear readers? That soft wind rustling through the trees? It’s the inevitable gust of dozens and dozens of MCU articles that will be written over the course of 2019. Once Captain Marvel arrives in theaters in March, anticipation will continue to spike up for Avengers: Endgame and then audiences’ first extended look in a Post-Phase 3 MCU in Spider-Man: Far From Home a few short months afterward. In the meantime, news will likely continue to trickle down for the several upcoming series that Marvel Studios is planning to make for the upcoming Disney+ streaming service. Case in point, The Vision and Scarlet Witch.

THR reports that The Vision and Scarlet Witch, one of the first MCU series planned to land in Disney+, has found one of its writer and showrunner in one of Captain Marvel‘s co-writers Jac Schaeffer. According to the site, Schaeffer will write the pilot episode and executive produce the series. Schaffer is also helping to write the script for another upcoming MCU film, Black Widow.

Personally I quite like this news. Aside from the obvious involvement of both Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen reprising their titular roles for the show, I feel that Feige and company enlisting a familiar face from the films to work behind the scenes helps give this new series a bit more of a definitive connection to the MCU than previous shows have had- not that this somehow makes those shows inferior per say.

This should also put to bed some baseless whispers that Marvel Studios is concerned about Captain Marvel. If they had any issues with the film, they wouldn’t be hiring one of its writers to run The Vision and Scarlet Witch, now would they?

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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter


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