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Sometimes actors say things they aren’t supposed to. I don’t mean cursing or something like that – if we did stories about Samuel L. Jackson cursing, we wouldn’t have time to write anything else now, would we? What I mean is, they get caught up in the hype train, and let slip a detail that they probably shouldn’t have. Many people attached to the MCU, including Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland have infamously done so. Jackson might have too.

*Potential Spoilers* for Avengers: Endgame (and potentially Captain Marvel) will follow. Do not read if you want to know nothing.



Talking to Entertainment Tonight during a set visit, he had this to say about Carol Danvers and her impact on the MCU:

“She’s pretty much the strongest character — in terms of someone with powers are able to do things — in the Marvel universe. So, for Carol Danvers to be that person and for Brie to become that person, it’s gonna be a dynamite thing. I mean, [the Avengers] are up against some really, really tough odds right now — we saw throughout Infinity War — so now we know that we need something that’s as powerful as Thanos. And at some point, we’ll find out how powerful she is and all the things that she’s capable of. She’s one of the few people in the Marvel universe that can time travel, so…”

Here’s the thing, knowing that the Time Stone exists, time travel was always a possibility. Set pictures of them filming Endgame seem to hint at it too. But if Captain Marvel can do it single-handedly, then things might be much different than we initially expected. Of course, both methods could happen. Maybe if she can, she can’t take others with her, but they use the Time Stone to keep up or something.

On the other hand, the tone of his comment doesn’t shine through here. It was possible this was said in a manner that was not to be taken seriously. But, this is the internet, so we will treat it like this is a big deal.

We may never get anymore insight to this until Captain Marvel hits theaters in March. Don’t expect anything outside of that though, Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige says the promotional material for Endgame will only come from the first 15-20 minutes of the film. They want us to know nothing while still using that Disney promotional machine at the same time. So unless another actor slips up, we could be left wondering until it actually happens…or not.

Regardless, I’d count on time travel for Endgame. The method in which that happens could be different than initially thought however.

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 8.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters April 26.

Source: Entertainment Tonight


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