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THE FANBOY GARAGE: Aquaman Early Reviews and Box Office Impact, The Experience that is Venom, Visual effects in film and more!


On this episode of The Fanboy Garage, hosts Aaron Virola and Chris Lisanti unpack their thoughts on the tide of initial reviews and (positive) early word of mouth for Aquaman. In the conversation, they chat about the impact reviews might have on the opening weekend box office numbers.

Aquaman taking the world by storm (or water)

You can listen to their latest episode right here…

<From there, Aaron has finally seen the experience that is Venom and shares his thoughts. In the discussion, they talk about the future of the franchise in the wake of the film’s huge and unexpected box office performance. 

Heads are delicious!

To close, they answer listener questions; tackling their thoughts on the shortlist of potential nominees in the visual effects category at the Oscars and the evolution of effects in film, as well as box office predictions for the 12/21 weekend. 

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Aaron Virola

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