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Ben Affleck To Star In Film Adaptation Of I AM STILL ALIVE


While DCU fans might continue to wonder whether or not they will ever see Ben Affleck return as Batman, the acclaimed actor and filmmaker is continuing to work on other projects. Aside from starring in Gavin O’Connor’s upcoming sports drama Torrance, Affleck is also set to direct a film with longtime friend and collaborator Matt Damon about a scheme involving the classic McDonald’s Monopoly contest. Now the actor is set to star in another intriguing film in the near future.

Deadline reports that Affleck is currently attached to star and finalizing a deal to produce a film adaptation of Kate Alice Marshall’s novel I Am Still Alive. Described as “Wild meets The Revenant, infused with ferocious girl power,” the book tells the story of Jess, a teenage girl who finds herself living with her remote father out in the Canadian wild after her mother is tragically killed in a car crash that also damages her foot. After she is left stranded in the icy wilderness with only her father’s dog to accompany her, Jess must learn to survive as the winter approaches.

Affleck will play Jess’ father in the film. The script is being written by Bed Rest screenwriter Lori Evans Taylor.

While I haven’t read the original novel, I’m very interested in seeing how I Am Still Alive is adapted to film here. Who will they find to direct the film? Who will star as Affleck’s daughter?

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SOURCE: Deadline


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