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All Hail The King! AQUAMAN Projected For A $120 Million Opening!


It’s finally almost here! With less than forty eight hours to go, James Wan’s Aquaman is about to arrive in movie theaters across the States. Naturally we’ve been covering the film and its director quite a bit this week, from Wan revealing why he opted to tell a story about the King of Atlantis instead of The Flash to our very own MFR’s review of the film. While we’ve known for awhile now that the latest DCU film is set to perform quite well at the box office this weekend against competing films such as Bumblebee and Mary Poppins Returns, it now appears that Aquaman might perform a little bit better than even the last projections anticipated!

A new article from Deadline reports that while the film is still set to roughly bring in around $65 million to $70 million in the initial three days, its overall projected turn-in for the full five day Christmas holiday weekend has now jumped up from its previous $100 million to somewhere around $120 million. The site adds that some are speculating the film might reach as high as $150 million, but notes that is “truly a lofty number.

As our very own MFR previously reported, Aquaman‘s box office performance will likely influence how Warner Bros opt to approach the canonicity of the previous Snyder entries in future DCU films moving forward. The cinematic universe itself isn’t really at stake, but the amount of retconning and “soft reboot”-ing the studio opts to go with for future films will likely be determined by the film’s performance. So for fans of Man of Steel or Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, hopefully Aquaman’s new projected numbers will excite you!

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SOURCE: Deadline

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