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SHAZAM! Star Zachary Levi Talks The Film’s Ties To The DCU


With only a few days left before James Wan’s Aquaman opens in theaters in the United States, focus continues to shift more and more towards the next entry in the DCU: David F. Sandberg’s Shazam!, set to arrive this coming spring. Having recently done standard reshoots for the film, a new trailer for the film seems to set to drop within the next several weeks.

After being asked by a fan on Twitter, lead star Zachary Levi responded to explain how the film will fit into the DCU as a whole. “The movie is completely trackable on its own merit,” the actor explained. “That said, there a lot of fun little nods/homages/Easter eggs that can be enjoyed should one be caught up in the DCEU.


This definitely aligns with what we’ve seen of the film so far in the San Diego Comic Con 2018 teaser trailer, which featured brief appearances of a newspaper article about Superman and a Batarang. Yet wisely the narrative of the teaser remained focused on establishing Billy Baxton’s origin story as Shazam and his friendship with foster brother Freddy Freeman.

Personally I think that’s the right approach to take with the film anyway. Considering that Shazam! will be telling the origin story of a superhero that most general audiences probably aren’t very familiar with these days, it’s likely for the best to have the film focus on introducing audiences to Billy and his primary cast rather than focusing on the film as a tiny part of the DCU overall.

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