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Momoa Vows That Henry Cavill Is NOT Done As Superman, But Questions Linger


Here we go again. In case you’ve missed it, the chances of fans getting to see Henry Cavill star as Superman in a future DCU film have grown quite slim over the past several months. Over the past year, Cavill’s relationship with Warner Bros. became increasingly strained as they butted heads at the negotiating table over a potential new contract for his continued appearances in the DCU. Then came a big THR story, claiming that the actor was out as Superman and that the studio was moving on. So naturally, that’s that, right?

According to Aquaman star Jason Momoa, the answer is apparently not. When asked about whether his DCU co-star Henry Cavill was quitting the role in a brief interview with ET, the actor stated, “He’s absolutely not. He loves the character and he’s not, 100%” before repeating that his exit was “absolutely not” happening.

For the sake of his fans, I should clarify though that Henry Cavill quitting the role was never actually a rumor nor was it one of the stories previously reported. As said before, the ones who have opted to move on here are the people in charge on the studio’s end. Plus it hasn’t even been a week yet since Amy Adams herself stated that she thinks she’s out as Lois Lane for future DCU Superman films.

So is there any truth to Momoa’s quote? I’m honestly not sure. If he were writing this article, our very own MFR would be saying that this story could be a chance for fans to show the studio how invested they are in Cavill’s portrayal of the character and that maybe a compromise could be reached to give him one more shot before severing ties with him for good. He’s not wrong at all, but I think it’s just as important to recognize that not all change is inherently bad.

It can hurt and it can leave us all wondering “What If?” when gifted actors wind up leaving a well-matched role too soon. I still think back to Andrew Garfield’s time as Spider-Man, for example. If Cavill does somehow find himself donning the Big S emblem on the big screen again, it could be a great thing and excite a number of fans. And while the other route would likely require fans to wait an extended number of years to see Superman on the big screen again, I think it’s just as possible that another great iteration of the character can succeed Cavill too.

For now, let’s just keep in mind that Momoa isn’t an executive and has no real say over these decisions. It’s great to see him vouching for Cavill, just as he’s been subtly beating the drum for Zack Snyder lately. He seems like an awesome friend and collaborator, filled with loyalty. But we also just have to remember that Henry’s desire to wear the red cape again has never been in question.

Lastly, by all accounts the studio was all set to extend Cavill’s contract to stay on as Superman until his management team seemingly over-played their hand. Perhaps if they came back with more reasonable requests the studio would have a change of heart?

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SOURCE: Entertainment Tonight, via Twitter

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