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James Wan Hasn’t Signed On For An AQUAMAN Sequel Yet


With just over a week to go, fans are excited to see James Wan’s Aquaman finally arrive on the theater shores. Now that the film has already made a massive wave in China and star Jason Momoa has revealed that he’s already pitched part of the next film to Warner Bros, fans are starting to wonder about said-sequel. How long will they have to wait? Will Wan return to direct that film as well?

In a brief interview with Variety, Wan stated, “This is my only one that I’ve signed up to do, so we’ll see. Let’s not talk about a sequel before this one’s even come out yet!

Wan’s answer makes a ton of sense. A similar situation previously happened with Patty Jenkins and the Wonder Woman films, after all. In fact, this isn’t even something that exclusively happens to filmmakers in the DCU, seeing as how Doctor Strange came out over two years ago and we only just recently got confirmation that Scott Derrickson is returning to direct the sequel.

My guess is that Wan probably will return for the sequel. Despite my previous worries for Aquaman‘s performance at the box office, the proverbial tea leaves are now looking very positive for the film’s financial performance, so that will in turn result in there being a pressure for Warner Bros to secure Wan to helm the follow-up. Again, this scenario would be just like what happened last year with Jenkins after the first Wonder Woman was a hit before she signed onboard for Wonder Woman 1984.

What do you think though? Is there another director you’d rather see Warner Bros enlist for an Aquaman sequel? Feel free to join the conversation with us in the comments section down below!

SOURCE: Variety, via Twitter


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