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The paint hasn’t even dried on Elseworlds yet, and we already have something to look forward to for next year! At the conclusion of this year’s three episode crossover event, the ever-expanding Arrowverse dropped the title of next year’s crossover already. For DC fans, it should sound familiar: Crisis On Infinite Earths.

Every year the cast and crew pull off a miracle in making these crossovers, and every year the cast and crew remark on how much of a logistical nightmare it is to do. Yet every year, they pull it off, and then try to up the ante the year after.

Last year we had Crisis On Earth-X, which was by far the biggest thing they had ever done. This year, while Elseworlds would feel smaller initially, due to the absence of the Legends Of Tomorrow, it was even grander in scale. We had Batwoman, Lois and Clark, Arkham Asylum and all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff from DC Lore.

There wasn’t even time to process all that happened in Elseworlds when the Arrowverse doubled down and announced next year’s crossover.

It feels like they are going for broke on this one. I assume Batwoman will be involved again, as well as Lois and Clark. But the whole point of Infinite Earths would mean that the Legends should be involved again, as well as Black Lightning since now other universes can play in the Arrowverse.

For those that are unfamiliar here is a quick synopsis from Wikipedia:

At the start of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Anti-Monitor (the Monitor’s evil counterpart) is unleashed on the DC Multiverse and begins to destroy the various Earths that it comprises. The Monitor tries to recruit heroes from around the Multiverse but is murdered, while Brainiac collaborates with the villains to conquer the remaining Earths. However, both the heroes and villains are eventually united by the Spectre.

Both Barry Allen and Supergirl die in the comics. That won’t happen here obviously, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some death involved.

It would also be a way to get all the DC Heroes on one Earth.

Other than Black Lightning, I would also expect appearances from John Wesley Shipp’s Flash from Earth-90, some Smallville alumni, and tons more. I would go so far as to say that anyone from any DC TV show is fair game. While they won’t all appear, I feel they will at least be considered. Could we see Titans cast members? Gotham ones? Nothing will surprise me now. I expect Jon Cryer’s Lex Luthor will be a big part of things next year though.

When Crisis On Earth-X happened, I wondered how they could ever top it. Then they did with Elseworlds. After Elseworlds was announced, I wondered how they could top it next year.

Now that Crisis On Infinite Earths is happening, I am left to again wonder: Is this the pinnacle of the Arrowverse? Will this be the crown jewel? Or could they do more the year after?

It is an honor to have gone on this journey that started with Oliver Queen being rescued off of Lian-Yu in 2012. I look forward to the future, the future that involves the likes of Batwoman and Lex Luthor! This is my DC Universe, and I am so happy that they are able to do what they’ve been doing.

We know nothing other than the title, but as soon as we know more we will be sure to pass it on.

Let the hype train officially start: Crisis On Infinite Earths is coming Fall of 2019.

Okay, wait, I’m not done. If they are announcing this now, I assume that means the current Arrowverse shows are getting season renewals across the board. If they don’t, then I would assume they still appear in the crossover next year anyway. So either way, it feels like you’ll get more of your favorite Arrowverse characters no matter what.

Now I’m done.


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