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THE TOXIC AVENGER Is Getting A Big Screen Reboot


Don’t worry, you didn’t miss any new Marvel Cinematic Universe news. The Toxic Avenger was a low budget monster movie in 1984. As the trend goes nowadays, it is getting a big-budget adaptation.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story. Legendary, the studio who does the Godzilla and King Kong movies among many others, has acquired the rights with intentions to make a full out franchise with the property.

THR has they synopsis as follows:

The original pic told the story of a mild-mannered young man named Melvin who becomes a disfigured radioactive hulking mess after falling into a vat of toxic waste. He uses his newfound form to brutally fight bad guys.

No writer, director or star is attached to the project yet. If I had my pick, I’d want Guillermo del Toro to direct David Tennant in the movie. I’m sure whoever does get due the picture justice.

My only issue with this is when the article says they want to make The Toxic Avenger with “the goal of relaunching the property as a full-throated franchise.” That always spells trouble. What they need to do is just focus on making the best version of The Toxic Avenger possible. If it is a good movie, then franchise opportunities will come naturally. If you force it, then you come away with something like The Mummy and the Dark Universe that never was.

One other thing I foresee is a title change. I am curious if they would want to avoid using the word “Avenger” in their title. I mean, sure, Marvel doesn’t own that word, but the mainstream use of that word is associated with them. If John and Jane Casual Viewer saw a TV spot for The Toxic Avenger while watching Good Morning America or something, their natural assumption would be that it is a Marvel flick. That is just how it is now.

Who knows. When we do find out, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.



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