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RUMOR: Reeves To Turn In His Rewritten THE BATMAN Script Any Day Now


It’s been a while since there have been any updates about Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Last we heard, the writer-director had submitted his first draft of the script in September. The buzz around the script was said to be very positive, but still, it was only a first draft.

According to a new rumor from The Wrap reporter Umberto Gonzalez, Reeves will be turning in the second draft of his The Batman script within the next 20 days.

He tweeted the following a few minutes ago:

BATMAN UPDATE: Matt Reeves script rewrite is due before the end of the year.”

Back in August, Reeves suggested that he’ll begin filming in spring or summer of 2019. Then in October, I started hearing that despite Reeves’ expectations, there’s some internal scuttlebutt suggesting that the film is unlikely to arrive before 2021 (if not later).

With a second draft not arriving until now, and the ever-present possibility that the film could require a third draft, it makes a little more sense why the film wouldn’t be ready for the 2020 release many had been hoping for.

This also explains why we have yet to hear any solid casting news, since casting and other major decisions won’t be made until a final script is locked in. For now, we know of some of the names Reeves is rumored to have considered in the past to replace Ben Affleck (Jake Gyllenhaal and Jack Huston), but there won’t be anything solid to report on that front for a bit. Possibly at the end of the winter, or in the spring.

For now, we can sit tight and wait to see how the studio takes to his second draft.

SOURCE: El Mayimbe


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