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Watch The New Trailer For The DOCTOR WHO New Year’s Day Special


I have to admit, writing “Doctor Who New Year’s Day Special” instead of “Doctor Who Christmas Special” is still weird. But with the first season of the Jodie Whittaker/Chris Chibnall era in the books, we were treated to a look at the New Year’s Special called “Resolution”. You can watch it below.

If I had to bet – and I’m pretty sure it’s a safe one – the creature The Doctor is referring to is a Dalek. The Daleks are the Doctor’s oldest and most recognizable enemies. There were no returning enemies at all in this season of the show, so if they were to return, a New Year’s Day special would do them justice in grand fashion.

Here’s the thing, it would be weird if it were anything other than a Dalek. They deliberately withheld the name. If it was something new, there is no reason to do that. That means it is something familiar, and the only thing worthy of that build up is a Dalek.

It will be nice to see the 13th Doctor encounter the Daleks, because we will have to wait quite a bit to see her encounter anything else. Yesterday it was announced that while Jodie Whittaker is returning to the role – it won’t be until 2020 when we get a new season.

Doctor Who fans point and laugh at Game Of Thrones fans who complain about waiting so long for the next thing. This is par for the course. In the grand scheme of things, the wait is nothing. The show was off the air from 1989 to 2005. Now that’s a wait!

This will actually not be the first time we’ve had a New Year’s Day special. David Tennant’s last episode as the 10th Doctor – “The End Of Time Part 2” aired on New Year’s Day 2010. (Part 1 was on Christmas Day so we still had a Christmas special in 2009.)

But this is unique in that there is no Christmas Special this year, and “Resolution” is a standalone episode. Only in Doctor Who can this be the first time something has happened, even though it has already happened.

The Doctor Who New Year’s Special “Resolution” airs on January 1, 2019, only on BBC One and BBC America.


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