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Warner Bros Are Working On A PLASTIC MAN Movie


While Warner Bros are still in the process of figuring out what they want to do with certain core members of the DCU, that hasn’t stopped them from announcing certain upcoming projects such as next year’s Shazam!Blue Beetle and New Gods. Likewise the studio is also wisely gearing up to capitalize on their previous success with Wonder Woman by making films for other female superhero comic properties such as Batgirl, Supergirl or Birds of Prey. Now add another DCU film that’s in the works!

THR reports that the studio is currently working on a Plastic Man movie. According to the site, Amanda Idoko has been tapped to write the script for Warner Bros, with Bob Shaye acting as the film’s executive producer. Additionally, the film is early on in the pre-production stages with no director onboard yet to helm the project. The site notes that the studio is planning on keeping true to the comedic nature of the character for the film.

Admittedly I don’t have much of a stake in this news. Plastic Man was always one of those DC superheroes that I saw in the comics I’d read, but never really paid much attention to or cared about. However it’s hard to deny the potential in a Plastic Man movie, especially if the studio is able to find a director that’s capable to bringing a creative visual depiction of the character’s superpowers to life on the big screen. With the right director, Plastic Man could wind up being a fantastic film.

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SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter


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