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AQUAMAN Rocks The Box Office In China


Life is full of surprises! For months, I have suspected that the upcoming Box Office free-for-all between Mary Poppins Returns, Aquaman and Bumblebee over Christmas Week would find the latest DCU film in third place. Much like our very own MFR, I had been of the mind that Aquaman should move forward to a release date at the start of December. Yet the tides have quickly changed- late last month, a report indicated that Aquaman is now set to outperform both of its competitors at the U.S. box office. Now the film is already dominating another big box office elsewhere!

In a new report, Aquaman had a giant $93.6 million opening at the box office in China, immediately becoming the best opening for a Warner Bros. film in that area ever. Aside from that, Aquaman also trounced the previous DCU films’ performances in China, topping Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘s previous high of $55.7 million. As Variety notes, Aquaman has already managed to top Wonder Woman‘s entire $93.6 million run in the Middle Kingdom in only three days.

Assuming that James Wan’s latest film will indeed outperform its two biggest competitors at the box office when it hits theaters stateside later in the month, this is a remarkable turnaround from what I expected the film to do only two months ago (not that I ever had doubts about its actual quality)! With all of the exciting new films coming out over the next several weeks, 2018 seems to be promising to go out on a high note as far as cinema goes!

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SOURCE: Variety


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