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SHAZAM! Director David F. Sandberg Calls Out ‘Stupid’ DC vs Marvel Rivalry


Now that James Wan’s Aquaman is almost here, eyes are starting to shift towards Shazam!, aka the next DCU film on Warner Bros’ release schedule. A few weeks ago, director David F. Sandberg alleviated fans’ worries about reports that the film was going through reshoots and explained that they’re all normal parts of the filmmaking process. With the release of the first full trailer for Shazam! seemingly imminent, Sandberg took some time to talk about the ongoing Internet rivalry among Marvel and DC fans.

Sandberg posted a photo of an old foreign DC-Marvel crossover comic book on his official Instagram, writing, “This was one of my favorite comic books I owned as a kid. Back then I didn’t know what Marvel or DC was, I just knew that I loved all of these superheroes. The seriousness of the DC/Marvel rivalry is so god damn stupid. I hope that all superhero movies do fantastically well. Why would you ever wish for a movie to be bad or to fail? More good movies is a win for everyone. This interruption in trolling is brought to you by disappointment in humanity. Now back to our regular programming.

Needless to say, I completely agree with Sandberg. I’m just as happy about all of the critical acclaim that Aquaman is garnering as I am of the reception that Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse is receiving. I’ve always been a bit surprised by how fans often seem to treat comic companies like sports teams. Both Marvel and DC offer rich worlds that are full of interesting characters and stories. I’m glad to see David F. Sandberg pointing out how pointless this “rivalry” is.

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