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ROGUE ONE Cinematographer To Film Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE


So I’ve got good news and bad news for my fellow Denis Villeneuve fanatics here. The bad news? Oscar-winning Roger Deakins won’t be teaming up with Villeneuve again for his upcoming Dune remake. Fans had been hoping for over the past year that the duo would team up again for the new adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science fiction epic, considering the stunning visual work they’d previously conjured up together on Prisoners, Sicario and Blade Runner 2049. Unfortunately Villeneuve also didn’t opt to team up with Bradford Young, his Director of Photography on Arrival. The good news is that Villeneuve’s cinematographer on Dune is an outstanding choice that will absolutely deliver the goods for fan geeks like yours truly.

Variety reporter Kristopher Tapley recently tweeted, “The things I learn when calling up my peeps for the shots column. It appears Linus Sandgren is shooting the next Bond and Greig Fraser is shooting “Dune.” RAD.

Fraser, as you may recall, is most commonly known for his work as Director of Photography on films such as Foxcatcher, Zero Dark Thirty and Lion. At the top of his list though is Rogue One: A Star Wars, which featured some of the finest camerawork in the mega-franchise’s lengthy history. I have no doubt that Fraser will be a great fit for Dune.

Besides Villeneuve has made stunning looking films without Deakins’ help before. Films such as Polytechnique, Incendies, Enemy and Arrival were all shot without his involvement. Dune will inevitably have a different visual ‘feel’ to it than say Blade Runner 2049, but I think Villeneuve is such a distinctive filmmaker that audiences will still walk away impressed by the film, much as they did with Arrival.

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