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DAREDEVIL Was One Of Netflix’s Most Popular Shows According To Analytics


These stories keep coming about Daredevil because no one saw the cancellation coming. But alas, after an absolutely stellar third season, Daredevil has come to an end (in that format anyway). It was even a surprise to people behind the scenes, who had already mapped out and pitched season 4.

An analytics company called Parrot Analytics measured demand of the series, and it ranked 4th out of Netflix’s top 5 as of late last week. CinemaBlend has a breakdown of the data:

The data calculated is “demand expressions,” which is a global metric standard used by Parrot Analytics to represent the total audience demand being expressed for a title with in a market. For Daredevil, the average demand expressions total was 29,965,918, which placed it fourth in Netflix’s Top 5 as well as fourth in the top ten for all in-demand digital original series. On the Netflix front, it falls behind only Narcos, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and Stranger Things.

The data doesn’t add up as to why it was cancelled. But there might be an explanation: Netflix didn’t cancel it. Marvel did. Steven Weintraub over at Collider had heard the rumor. (Let’s be clear that this is just a rumor, and could not be verified!)

That would make sense. While the character is already “in-house” (meaning they don’t have to lease it out to a studio like Sony or Fox), bringing him more in-house (having a presence on the Disney + app) would make sense.

Regardless of why, it happened. But I would be absolutely shocked if we never saw this iteration of the character again. I do not believe for one minute that Charlie Cox is done as Matt Murdock. In some form or fashion, he will be seen again, even if it is just a guest spot on Agents of SHIELD.

If we hear any updates on the plan for the character, we will be sure to bring them to you.

Source: Parrot Analytics/CinemaBlend


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