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RUMOR: Naomi Ackie’s Character Revealed In STAR WARS: EPISODE IX


I’ve got some tequila and lime for you, so bring all the salt you can muster. My apologies for the vague, click-baity headline, but in case this does turn out to be true, I don’t want people to be inadvertently spoiled. We know that Naomi Ackie has been cast in Episode IX. That is fact. She was in the press release that Lucasfilm released, and was seen in set photos with John Boyega.

There is a rumor from a Reddit user claiming to be an extra that has information on Ackie’s role.

Do not read further unless you want to know.











Reddit user Temiriblagg1 claims Ackie is playing Lando Calrissian’s daughter!

We know that Lando will be in Episode IX as well, with Billy Dee Williams reprising the role he last played on screen in Return Of The Jedi.

Now, why report on this Reddit claim and not the hundreds of other ones that are on the site? Because Temiriblagg1 also claims that General Hux will surrender in the first act of Episode IX, which is something ThatHashTagShow heard as well.

Plus, this does sound like something J.J. Abrams would do. It is also the M.O. of Star Wars: Make anyone important related to someone else important. This is why people can’t accept Rey’s heritage.

While I don’t like it because it makes the universe smaller, if there is a compelling reason/story for it, then I can be brought around. But if you can remove that element from Ackie’s character and have essentially the same character, then the point is nothing but fan service, and that is will hurt the story.

We will find out the validity of this eventually, but for now we have something fun to theorize and discuss. Episode IX is the longest wait we’ve had for a Star Wars movie since they returned in 2015.

Where do you sit on this rumor? True? False? Let us know.

Source: Reddit


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