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Stunned DAREDEVIL Writer Thought The Show Was ‘Too Big To Fail’


It seems like Netflix is getting out of the Marvel business. You could make excuses for the cancellations of Luke Cage and Iron Fist. But their crown jewel hot of the trails of maybe the best season got cancelled too. With Daredevil canned, the future of the survivors (Jessica Jones and The Punisher) don’t look good all.

Tamara Becher-Wilkinson, a writer for Daredevil and Iron Fist talked to io9 about the cancellation, and the future of the Netflix corner of the Marvel universe.

“If I was a betting woman, you know, my guess is that it’s the end of the Marvel universe on Netflix.”

Becher-Wilkinson wrote one of my favorite episodes of the third season of Daredevil called “Karen”. She was invited back to be a part of the 4th season, and was actually in the writer’s room when they got the news of the cancellation.

“[Showrunner Erik Oleson] got a call asking him to go down to see the Marvel executives, and I jokingly went ‘Ooooooooh,’ like a third grader does when someone gets called to a principal’s office,” Becher-Wilkinson said. “Then, he waited for everybody to gather back in the writers’ room and he said, ‘Netflix has decided not to move forward with season four.’ And that’s all I remember, you know. I kind of missed the details because I was, like, so surprised.”

The motive is unclear, because the reaction to the show has been nothing but stellar. Netflix doesn’t release its numbers, but they’ve continued with less watched properties. Becher-Wilkinson was surprised too.

“The reviews were so overwhelmingly positive that I thought there was no way they would cancel it. I don’t know how well it does on Netflix or anything like that…[but] it was surprising to me they would cancel something that was so well received,” she said. “I thought it was too big to fail.”

It would be ignorant to think that this might not be because of Disney +. Disney, which owns Marvel, is launching their own service to compete directly with Netflix. Disney is evening developing their own Marvel shows for the service. So why should Netflix make their now-competitor money?

Regardless, I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this iteration of Daredevil. If the cancellation means he is free to team up with Spider-Man to take on Fisk on the big screen, then I’m all for it. But if not, we will always have 3 wonderful seasons of an awesome TV show.

All 3 Seasons of Daredevil, (and The Defenders Miniseries) are available to stream on Netflix.

Source: io9


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