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Watch The Shocking Ending To This Week’s SUPERGIRL That Sets Up ELSEWORLDS


Holy Kryptonite Batman! Yesterday was the last episode of Supergirl before the Elseworlds crossover happens. That Legend Kevin Smith directed it, but said on one of his numerous podcasts that he had to leave 2 or 3 minutes at the end to tease the crossover. Now we know what he was referring to. I will leave you to watch without any further comment:

Okay. I’ll give you a minute. Smoke’em if you got ’em.




We knew John Wesley Shipp was returning to his 90s Flash role, but what a way for the crossover to kick off! (Just as a note, this was a completely cold, self contained scene. Shipp was not in any other part of the episode, which was a regular Supergirl episode up until this point.)

We see the ground littered with all sorts of DC characters – The Reverse Flash and Hawkman are two of the notable ones. It is unknown if Earth-90 is Shipp’s Flash World. But we do know that it was one henceforth unknown, since in the Arrowverse, the multiverse only had 52 Earths (53 including Earth-X from last year’s crossover.)

Here we can see Barry Allen face off against the Monitor (played by LaMonica Garrett) and barely escape whatever he has planned.

This clip is incredible, and it was just a tag at the end of a Kevin Smith Supergirl episode. The actual crossover hasn’t even happened yet!

We know this all eventually affects our heroes, who will try to save the multiverse with Batwoman, while Barry Allen and Oliver Queen try to get their roles switched back to normal.

While this year’s crossover might feel smaller than last year, due to the absence of the Legends of Tomorrow, there is still a ton of stuff going on here. If this scene is how they are deciding to start things off, then DC fans, superhero fans, television fans, and purveyors of wonderful things are going to be in for a treat.

Elseworlds starts next Sunday, December 9 and will conclude Tuesday, December 11, only on The CW.



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