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John Krasinski Talks About His Non-Traditional A QUIET PLACE Sequel


If you’ve been following us here on Revenge of the Fans over this past year, you might have noticed at some point that John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place struck a chord with both myself and our very own MFR. While I personally wouldn’t rank it as my absolute favorite film of 2018, I walked out of the theater this past spring giddy at having essentially just watched a contemporary silent film made on a modern day Hollywood blockbuster level budget. With the film being a pretty big hit at the box office, it wasn’t a surprise at all that a sequel is already on its way.

In a new interview with Business Insider about the first film, co-writer and director Krasinski took some time to talk a bit about what’s coming next. He stated, “No. I mean, most sequels are a hero or villain returning, but there’s no story behind it. It’s basically ‘Let’s give the audience the character they want.’ And I think the brilliant thing about ‘A Quiet Place’ is there’s a world… But me going from not wanting to participate in a sequel to doing it is the same reason I hope people will want to see one. My hope is people want to revisit this world and revisit those stakes and those rules you have to abide by. That’s my hope.

Krasinski added, “So for a sequel, I think I kind of have to do the same thing. If I start focusing on something I have never done before and asking people how they did it, then I’ll dilute the experience. I don’t even see it as a sequel. Emily actually blew my mind by categorizing it the correct way after I pitched it to her. She said, “This isn’t a sequel at all — this is the second book in a series of books. It’s a widening of a world.

Widening of a world‘ is obviously a relatively vague description for readers, since we lack the context of the pitch Krasinski gave to Blunt, but my guess is that means he’s either referring to new characters or more likely building more upon the lore and mythos introduced in the original film.

Are you excited to see a follow-up to A Quiet Place? Join the conversation with us down below!

SOURCE: Business Insider


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