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Snyder and Ayer Reveal How Darkseid’s Forces Once Figured Into SUICIDE SQUAD And JUSTICE LEAGUE


The DCU is less than a month away from releasing its next entry, Aquaman, and as we anticipate its release, fans continue to seek for more evidence of the Snyder Cut of Justice League. The film released a little over a year ago and remains the most divisive DCU film to date due to the film’s behind the scenes turmoil and the Frankenstein version that was released into theater- A combination of the work of Zack Snyder, Chris Terrio, Geoff Johns, and Joss Whedon.

Zack Snyder, who left the project after a family tragedy, has consistently revealed tidbits of information, seemingly to fuel fan support for a Snyder Cut of the film. Feeling extra giving over the Thanksgiving weekend, Snyder dropped a few hints of his original vision for the film. Thanksgiving Day saw the director post a video on his Vero social media account of a turkey in the oven baking at 120 degrees Fahrenheit, with a caption that read “An hour more at least.” This of course was targeted at trolling WB over the film’s runtime, his turkey baking at 120 degrees really meant 120-minute theatrical run time with the caption confirming the long rumored 3-hour Snyder Cut of the film.

I mean come on, no one bakes a Turkey at such a low temperature.

Snyder followed his post two days later, finally revealing the fourth and final wall of Darkseid on a mural in the Shrine of the Amazons. The Shrine of the Amazons was previously uncovered by DC Films HUB and it reveals the epic battle that occurred thousands of years ago between Darkseid and his forces against Amazons, Atlantean’s, the Tribes of Men and the Old Gods. The post shows Darkseid with the Unity formed and was captioned “A bell can’t be unrung,” which was said by Lex Luthor in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in the after credits scene after the death of Superman.


Snyder’s posts come a few days after fans rallied and raised money to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and fly a plane with a banner reading “#RELEASETHESNYDERCUT” over the WB Burbank lot. Snyder’s acknowledgement on Vero was noted with a video of the plane and the words captioning “That is caring,” and days later his stream of posts and reveals continued.

Darkseid had long been rumored as one of the plot points drastically altered by WB executive tampering when Joss Whedon was brought in to complete the film. Fans can hope that the plane with the banner was the bell being rung, and now positioning Snyder to further fuel fan support for the release of his cut.


Another interesting tidbit was dropped over the weekend, and is only being mentioned here because of its coincidental relation to the Snyder news. Concept art for Suicide Squad shows some images of the final boss battle in the film, its obvious that the “Final Boss” in those images is not Enchantress, and after a fan asked Suicide Squad Director David Ayer, he confirmed that the original idea for the final boss battle was in fact going to be Steppenwolf who had been controlling Enchantress, and her army in the film were actually Parademons instead.  Ayer confirms the changes were made when changes to Justice League were being made as well, however, we are still not sure how far into production this decision was made. The news is interesting none the less, and Steppenwolf’s inclusion would have revealed the first step in his invasion prior to Justice League, while his arrival in Suicide Squad prior to Justice League would have mirrored Darkseid’s arrival at end of Justice League. Very nice visual connective tissue between the franchises.


For a year we have seen the Snyder Cut movement remain strong and gain momentum and this weekend has only fueled the continued support, while also producing heavy traction for support of an Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad. It’s clear the DCU had very specific plans upon its inception prior to studio meddling, but as we continue to get bits of info, we can only hope we will one day get that definitive Snyder Cut of Justice League. At this point what does the studio have to lose? With Fox releasing a re-edited version of the same movie from earlier this year in Once Upon a Deadpool, WB can surely bring Snyder and possibly Ayer back and give the fans what they want, while finally putting to rest both movements.

The DCU’s next entry, Aquaman, is still firmly set in the world established by Zack Snyder with Jason Momoa, and Amber Heard returning from Justice League. Aquaman is set for release December 21st. What do you think of the Darkseid reveal image? Does the Steppenwolf reveal in Suicide Squad generate new interest for an Ayer Cut? Sound off on the comment section below and be sure to check out my final case for the Snyder Cut.

Source: Vero, Twitter

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