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AQUAMAN Director James Wan Gives Advice To Young Filmmakers


It’s a bit hard to believe that James Wan’s Aquaman is now only weeks away! After finishing post-production on the film at the start of November, the latest entry in the DCU is set to hit theaters in less than a month’s time. Fans also received a final and stunning trailer not too long ago. Now Wan himself has stepped forward as part of the promotion for the new blockbuster.

In a new interview on the official Aquaman Twitter account, Wan was asked by two young fans. One in particular brought up that she was interested in pursuing a career in filmmaking as a director and wanted to know if the horror master had any advice to give. Wan enthusiastically answered, “It’s so easy for you to just sort of make something and for it to be seen, right? Use your phone or get a little camera and just shoot something and put it together, I think that’s the best way, you know? The more you shoot, the more you write your scripts, the more you edit you just get better and better. And so, like they say, practice makes you better.

Speaking from personal experience, I completely agree with Wan. The phrase “practice makes better” is a far more accurate way to describe the process of learning as a filmmaker than its more common variant “practice makes perfect.” There’s days where you make something a bit better than usual and then you fall back down a bit and just have to keep working at getting better at the craft on a consistent basis, always striving for the next step up.

Personally I can’t wait to see what Wan’s come up with for Aquaman and where he’ll go next as a filmmaker. What about you? Be sure to leave your thoughts down below!

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