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A DOCTOR WHO Novel Written By 4th Doctor Tom Baker Is Being Released


Tom Baker is arguably the most famous Doctor to ever portray the role. He played the Fourth Doctor from 1974-1981. He has been involved with the fandom ever since, doing appearances, and audio dramas. The oldest living Doctor will add another layer to his contribution to the Doctor Who fandom: A novel.

The novel will be called Scratchman and is based on a script he wrote in the 70s, which was originally intended to be a film.

Baker says of the novel:

“I love the improbability of Doctor Who. Reason plays no part at all. As in religion, the overriding thing is faith. It may be improbable, but just believe in it and it’ll all come right. When I was approached about the book, I thought, ‘Why not?’ I’m always on the lookout for a novelty. I’m very enthusiastic as I get close to darkness.”

The book will get a hardcover release in January, and it will be accompanied by an audiobook, presumably read by Baker. The story has had several attempts trying to get to the public, and now it has finally happened.


A synopsis can be found below, that will show the further adventures of The Doctor, Harry, and Sarah Jane Smith (the best Who companion ever, no contest.)

What are you afraid of? 

The Doctor, Harry and Sarah Jane Smith arrive at a remote Scottish island, when their holiday is cut short by the appearance of strange creatures – hideous scarecrows, preying on the local population. The islanders are living in fear, and the Doctor vows to save them all. But it doesn’t go to plan – the time travellers have fallen into a trap, and Scratchman is coming for them.

With the fate of the universe hanging in the balance, the Doctor must battle an ancient force from another dimension, one who claims to be the Devil.

Scratchman wants to know what the Doctor is most afraid of. And the Doctor’s worst nightmares are coming out to play…

This is great news for all Whovians, and I am most definitely looking forward to it.

Doctor Who airs Sundays on BBC One and BBC America.

Source: RadioTimes

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