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CREED II: Dolph Lundgren Talks The Redemption Ivan Drago


When Creed came out a few years ago I thought it was perfect example of how a film can simultaneously be a sequel and a reboot. It honored the legacy of Rocky Balboa, and gave us a new hero to route for in Adonis Creed. The film also made some bank, so a Creed II was inevitable.

In the follow up, Adonis takes on Viktor Drago, the son of Ivan Drago, the man who killed his father in Rocky IV.

Dolph Lundgren, who exploded onto the scene as Ivan in Rocky IV, talks a bit about what the film did for his career, both good and bad.

“It was my big break, but it also pigeonholed me. People think, ‘He’s a robot and he has no emotions.’ Now I can do the opposite, and it’s very, very satisfying.”

He’s got a point. Lundgren will forever be known as Drago, who was a bit of a one dimensional character, and it must be pretty special to revisit him now and have a chance to show there’s more to him.

In Creed II, Lundgren got a chance to explore the character a bit more, albeit after fighting for some key character scenes to stay in the film.

Here he talks about one scene in particular that he fought to keep in the film, and why:

“That scene was rewritten a couple of times. Some things were taken out that I thought were wonderful, and I fought for putting them back in. Things were put back in because I said ‘I’m not going to shoot it any other way.’ People have to understand where I’m coming from, and that’s one of the few scenes where we understand what the hell this guy is about. And it was an important scene and I’m very pleased it’s in the picture, pretty much in the original version. There were like five versions of it.”

Creed II hits theaters tonight. Will you be checking it out? I know I will!

SOURCE: CinemaBlend



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