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AQUAMAN 24-Hour Pre-Sale Tickets Breaking Records


Aquaman is set to premier December 21, and although still a month away, early buzz is easily helping to boost early ticket sales to record shattering numbers. Deadline is reporting early financial momentum for the DC Universe’s next entry, Aquaman, and after the franchises previous entry Justice League being surrounded with so much divisiveness, these early wins are a good sign.

Fandango reported Aquaman pre-sale tickets outpacing Venom and Mission Impossible: Fallout, both films of which went on to outperform expectations. Additionally, WB pairing with Amazon Prime, all Prime members can purchase early screening tickets for Aquaman through Atom Tickets. Early screenings give fans the opportunity to watch the film December 15 a week prior to its domestic release, similarly a partnership was done last year with early screenings for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle leading the film to rake in near a billion over its theatrical run.

Pre-sale tickets however, are not a clear indicator of financial success for a film, but combined with positive early buzz, we expect sizable openings for the film. WB marketing seems to be in full swing, with the exciting final trailer for the film released just days ago.

As a long time DC fan, I remain hesitant to get ahead of myself with talks of financial or critical success for the DC Universe’s next entry, but now more than ever we must remain hopeful, after all for better or worse, this film is a step into DC Universe’s cinematic future and a foot firmly in what came before, the idea of boycotting a film because of some crazy notion that Zack Snyder would appreciate that from fans is ridiculous and, on the contrary, will hurt both the future of the DC Universe and any chances of a Justice League SnyderCut.

Are you excited for Aquaman? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Source: Deadline

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