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James Gunn Collaborator Lloyd Kaufman Vouches For Him and Calls First SUICIDE SQUAD ‘Unwatchable’


At this point, the situation with James Gunn has mostly subsided. He’s simply not going to make Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3 at this point and Warner Bros wisely snatched him up for the next Suicide Squad film before another studio could pick him up. At this point, the only two questions left that are worth asking are whether or not Dave Bautista opts to return as Drax and who will ultimately replace Gunn for the final Guardians film. That said, someone in Hollywood decided to weigh in a bit on the matter.

In an interview with ScreenGeek, Troma Entertainment head Lloyd Kaufman shared his thoughts on the various events that have occurred for his longtime friend.

Kaufman stated:

Well, I was the first one to make a video trying to support James Gunn. I was the first so-called—I mean I’m not a celebrity, I’m in the underground—but I was the first one. So obviously I feel very strong about it. James is the nicest, kindest and most talented person that you’ll probably meet. So, they picked the wrong guy to abuse. He’s like Shakespeare’s wife; beyond reproach. But meanwhile, it’s a yin and yang situation because he’s got another s****y franchise that he can resurrect and make into a billion-dollar industry. Suicide Squad was unwatchable the first time around. James will take that and—it’ll be like Rumpelstiltskin; he’ll be spinning straw into gold. He’s a great guy. I’m a big fan of James Gunn and his great talent, and as you know he wrote Tromeo and Juliet, one of the greatest Troma films.

Personally I tend to agree with Kaufman, at least as far as Suicide Squad goes. Gunn is a natural fit for that property and I suspect he will wind up surprising a number of DCU fans when that film hits theaters in several years’ time.

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SOURCE: ScreenGeek


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