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ELSEWORLDS Promo Reveals Ruby Rose As The CW’s Batwoman!


Arguably the most highly anticipated element of this year’s upcoming Arrowverse crossover special is the introduction of Ruby Rose as Batwoman. After all, a spinoff show is already in the works for the character and marks a rather significant moment in television history for LGBT protagonists. Fans recently got their first look at Rose in the suit, but now we’ve gotten our first glimpse of her in action.

During the most recent episode of Arrow, The CW aired a promo for the Elseworlds event and it was very blatantly about Gotham City and the Bats that fly within it. Characters argue over the very existence of the Batman in a voice over, set to footage of some sort of prison break happening at Arkham Asylum. A brief shot of someone resembling the Joker and a laugh to match flickers on the screen, another shot reveals the Bat-signal being ushered back into service. All the while, a shadowy figure moves about Gotham. Finally two men spot Batwoman arriving on scene and usher in agreement- this isn’t Batman.

Check out this promo for Elseworlds right here:

As far as typical television shows and the commercials used to advertise them go, this was a rather impressive promo. It would have been nice to hear Rose actually say a line or two in character, but the cryptic approach definitely fits with the family of the Dark Knight.

What did you think of the promo? Are you excited to see Rose’s portrayal of Batwoman on the small screen? Be sure to join the conversation down below!

SOURCE: Entertainment Weekly


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