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ARROWVERSE Producers Discuss Batman’s Absence From ELSEWORLD’s Crossover


We’ve known this for a while now, but when The CW’s upcoming Elseworlds crossover special airs soon, one particularly famous DC character won’t be present. Fans will get to see Ruby Rose debut as the Arrowverse‘s iteration of Batwoman and see Tyler Hoechlin finally return to the franchise as Superman, but anyone hoping to spot the Dark Knight is out of luck. He won’t be around anytime soon.

Elseworlds consulting producer Caroline Dries explained, “Our approach is: What does Gotham look like after the Batman has been gone for three years? So if you have the law and order, protector, and hope gone, what happens as a result? Some people are thriving in his absence because now they can start to do their own thing without the oversight. A lot of other people are suffering and they’re losing hope, and the city itself and infrastructure is falling apart. So it’s not a happy place. Our guys walk into a grimy, scary Gotham.

Arrowverse producer Marc Guggenheim added, “The way I sort of described it to Stephen [Amell] is, it’s there but for the grace of God goes Star City,” he said. “It’s the worst case scenario. The reason no one talks about Gotham is the city might as well be dead. It’s practically a ghost town.

These answers definitely add some rather interesting context to the recent Elseworlds promo where two characters are heard debating the very existence of the Batman. The premise alone reminds me quite a lot of the pilot episode of Batman Beyond and how we got a glimpse of how far Neo-Gotham had fallen in the twenty years since Bruce quit being Batman.

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SOURCE: Collider

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