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Chris Pratt In Early Talks For THE SAINT Reboot


Chris Pratt sure is a busy man these days. At the start of the decade, he was generally associated in the same circles as actor-director John Krasinski as one of the lead actors in a comedy show. Over the past four years, Pratt has reinvented himself as an A-list Hollywood blockbuster leading man. First in the MCU as Starlord in Guardians of the Galaxy, then that one guy in Jurassic World. Heck, Pratt is in talks to star in the next Tyler Sheridan thriller! And now, the former Parks & Recreation star may well end up leading another big Hollywood franchise!

Deadline reports that Paramount Pictures is “dancing with” Pratt over the possibility of him starring as Simon Templar in a new iteration of its espionage action franchise The Saint. However the site cautions that these are still “early days” of the negotiating process. Lorenzo di Bonaventura (the Transformers series, Stardust) is also onboard to produce the film.

If you’re like me and don’t recognize this franchise, here is a short history lesson. The Saint was originally a series of books by author Leslie Charteris, then adapted to the small screen in the 1960’s with actor Roger Moore as the star. Three decades later, a film version was made in 1997 with former Batman actor Val Kilmer in the lead.

At this point, I think it’s too early to say anything about how this venture might turn out. Assuming he agrees to star in the film, Pratt would make for an interesting successor to both Kilmer and Moore, however there are always other factors involved past that. What directors are the studio looking at to helm the film? Who will write the script? Until we know more, it will be hard to read the tealeaves on this project.

For now, enjoy this decidedly 90s trailer for Val Kilmer’s The Saint:

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SOURCE: Deadline



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