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The Second DUMBO Trailer Is Out!


Like it or not, we’re still living in the era where Disney makes live action remakes of their animated classics. Next up on the schedule is Tim Burton’s remake of Dumbo, starring Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito and Eva Green. This particular remake has always had me scratching my head in confusion, so hopefully the new trailer from Disney might clear things up. Watch the trailer right here:

If nothing else, it’s still hard to fight off the waterworks when you see the shot of Dumbo reaching up for his mom inside the cart. Burton deserves credit for having apparently recreated that classic tearjerking moment effectively.

As for the rest of the trailer, I’m still not entirely sure what to think about this particular project. When Burton’s on point, he’s one of my favorite filmmakers. Not to mention this film’s cast! Keaton’s renaissance has been pretty outstanding throughout this decade and Green remains one of my all-time favorite actors. And yet…

I really don’t have an interest in Keaton’s obvious villain character. I also don’t really have any feelings one way or the other about Green’s character from this trailer. None of the humans interest me yet, although I give Burton props for having Farrell’s character be a one-armed man. More (hopefully) positive representations of disabled characters on film are always a plus in my book.

We’ll see how this goes. I’m not going to call a verdict on this until I see it in theaters next March.

What do you think of the new Dumbo trailer, though? Be sure to join in and talk with us down in the comments section!

SOURCE: Walt Disney Studios, via YouTube


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