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SHAZAM! Director Explains Why Reshoots Are Happening (Spoiler Alert: Everything Is A-Okay)


I’m starting to think that it’s going to be a while before DCU fans are able to sleep at night with both eyes closed. While the likely upcoming success of James Wan’s Aquaman and David F. Sandberg’s Shazam! is bound to go a long way in helping ease the tension, it’s hard not to wonder how many well-received films it will take before people react to relatively minor information as if the sky is falling. Case in point: the Shazam! reshoots.

I get it. There have been several films in recent years that had highly reported reshoots and ended up being seen as messes when the final product hit theaters. Two of those were DCU films. However the thing that I think most fans often miss is that reshoots typically happen all the time in the film industry. Heck, speaking from my own personal experience on an indie filmmaker level, I can only think of a handful of projects I’ve worked on where our team didn’t opt to invest some extra time and effort in doing reshoots.

Unsurprisingly Sandberg himself says this is the case for Shazam! too. He tweeted:

All normal stuff. No changing the tone, removing DC references or whatever else theories are out there.

I suppose if you wanted to indulge in conspiracy theories, you might argue that Sandberg is lying or that he’s contractually obligated to defend the reshoots. It’s admittedly a possibility, albeit a ridiculously slim one. So I think the healthiest option for everyone is to take it at face value that these are just regular reshoots like for any other film.

Adding to the fun of what a nothing burger these reshoots are, Sandberg also retweeted this humorous observation by fellow filmmaker Joe Lynch:

So, really, there’s nothing to see here. Move right along…

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