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REVEALED: Here’s Why Randall Park Was Added To AQUAMAN During Reshoots


Back in April, it was confirmed that well-known actor Randall Park was joining Aquaman during its planned reshoots. While some saw that as a reason for concern, director James Wan was quick to quell concerns about late-stage additions to the production. See, DC fans have grown weary after some drastic changes to the theatrical cuts for Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, and Justice League all led to controversial outcomes.

At the time, wan pointed out that Park’s character was always set to be part of Aquaman, but that they simply hadn’t filmed his stuff yet. And even if he hadn’t been part of the plan all along, Wan pointed out that he’s added characters into the mix late in the game to great success anyway (like the demonic nun in The Conjuring 2– who ended up getting her own spinoff movie!).

So, all in all, nothing to worry about.

And now that Aquaman has begun to screen for select (lucky!) audiences around the world, we’ve discovered the exact nature of Park’s role and why his Dr. Shin didn’t need to be brought into the fray until post-production. (Also a side note: I continue to hear nothing but positive feedback about the movie, so my hype meter is really starting to overload)

*Beware! Mild Spoilers Ahead!*





We all know that mid/post-credit sequences are all the rage in comic book movies now, and I’m sure we all assumed Aquaman would continue that trend. And guess what? We assumed correctly. There is a post-credit scene and I’ve got the lowdown on what it is. However, I will not be revealing it because that’s just a downright spoiler and I don’t want to rob you of that experience. Besides, if you want that information, it’s out there if you know where to look.

The only thing I feel comfortable revealing here is that Park’s character is involved, and that’s because his Dr. Shin isn’t so much a fixture for this Aquaman movie, but rather a character they’re setting up for a sequel. In that sense, Park’s inclusion in the post-credit sequence is akin to the introduction of Woody Harrelson at the end of Venom, or Joe Manganiello at the end of Justice League– a character they’re showing you now only as a setup for something to come later.

So now it makes a lot more sense why they’d have a popular actor and a well-known character from the Aquaman mythos brought in at the tale end of production, doesn’t it?

This should put to bed any lingering concerns that they were going to try to weave an entire other character and/or subplot into the film after it had already wrapped principal photography. Park’s Dr. Shin will factor into Aquaman 2 and is only in this film to tease where things are headed.

It should also be noted that- at one point- they considered continuing what began with Justice League‘s post-credit sequence, by having Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Black Manta join the Legion of Doom– a faction comprised of DC rogues. If you stayed through the credits on Justice League, you saw Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor recruit Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke. Black Manta would’ve been next, but I’m told new DC Entertainment honcho Walter Hamada scrapped that when he took over DC films earlier this year.

It’s a shame to have it now confirmed that they’ve moved on from the Legion of Doom idea that the previous DC bosses had been so high on (so high that they had Joss Whedon add an important line of dialogue to that post-credit scene mere weeks before the release of Justice League!).

I was still holding out hope that they’d surprise us.

If you’ll recall, the first round of Justice League screenings did not include the LOD tag at the end. The film’s credit sequence was the one where Superman and The Flash have a friendly race, and that was it. So is there a chance they add something cool in just prior to sending the film to theaters around the world? I suppose so. But based on the scene that’s been described to me, I don’t see how they could. It’s an either/or type of thing, so if they’re going with the tease that includes Park, there’s really no way to also do an LOD thing.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Hope this sheds a little more light on what James Wan has in store for us, and where the Aquaman franchise hopes to go next.

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