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See The First Teaser And Plot Synopsis For TOY STORY 4


Pixar is relatively new to the sequel game. However, the Toy Story franchise has had sequels since the 90s. 2010’s Toy Story 3 was a perfect end to the story. But apparently Pixar disagrees, as we are getting Toy Story 4 next summer. You can watch the first brief teaser for it below:

Not much in terms of content, but we do get to see the newest addition to the team, called “Forky”. The official synopsis released by Disney teases more:

Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called “Forky” to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy.

Rumors of the plot had Woody go searching for Bo Peep, who was absent from Toy Story 3. Maybe Forky knows something about her and that is when the “road trip adventure” begins.

Most of the original voice cast has returned. Don Rickles, the voice of Mr. Potato Head, died in 2017 and did not record any lines for this. No word on how that will be handled.

Disney also just released this “reaction” video, featuring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the creatively named “Ducky” and “Bunny” respectively:

The film was directed by Josh Cooley  who directed the Inside Out short “Riley’s First Date?” It is produced by Jonas Rivera (Inside Out, Up) and Mark Nielsen (associate producer Inside Out)

It is easy to be skeptical and call this a cash grab – especially after what Pixar has done with the Cars franchise. But this is their flagship franchise, one that is near and dear to millions of people. People making things for Pixar now are the ones that saw Toy Story in theaters as children. I’m willing to give Disney and Pixar the benefit of the doubt for now.

Toy Story 4 hits theaters on June 21, 2019.


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