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ELSEWORLDS: Watch The First Teaser For The Arrowverse Crossover


The sheer amount of information we know for the upcoming Arrowverse crossover Elseworlds is staggering. Now we can get just a small taste of what’s to come with the very first footage!

This actually tells us more than they let on. When we first saw the picture of Stephen Amell in the Flash suit, and Grant Gustin in the Arrow suit, it wasn’t clear how exactly that would work. Did they know they switched? Would their consciousnesses be in each other’s bodies? It seems here, that no one thinks anything is wrong except Oliver Queen, who woke up as Barry Allen. That means wherever Barry Allen is, he woke up as Oliver Queen and is just as confused. To everyone else, the world is the same as it ever was.

Elseworlds airs in less than a month, and we shall be getting more information – and hopefully more footage – as the date approaches. While we are getting Batwoman, the original 90’s Flash, the Smallville Kent House, Lois Lane and a ton more, the best part might just be Gustin and Amell hamming it up as each other.

We’ve seen pictures of Supergirl and Superman in their regular suits, and Iris seems to be Iris here. So as far as we know, it’s just Barry and Oliver who have switched bodies/places. The reasons for that are unknown.

These Arrowverse crossovers have been happening for a while now. They’ve topped themselves every year. It looks like they’ve managed to do the same thing again this year. Not to jump the gun, but that begs the question: What will the crossover consist of next year? They are a ratings juggernaut for The CW, so I can’t imagine them going away anytime soon.

Elseworlds airs over three nights, starting Sunday, December 9th.


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