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SWAMP THING Casts Henderson Wade As Matt Cable


DC Universe’s Swamp Thing has been on a hot streak as of late, news of Alec Holland and Swamp Thing’s casting yesterday revealed Andy Bean and Derek Mears for the title characters, additionally, earlier this week Will Patton joined the cast in a prominent role. Now Deadline is reporting Riverdale star Henderson Wade has been cast as Matt Cable as a series regular for the supernatural series.

The DC Universe streaming service launched a few months back with an archive of treasures for any DC fan, and a promise of original content a few weeks later. Titans launched a month ago drawing in positive reactions and acclaim from critics and fans alike. Earlier suggestions did not dismiss the possibility of a cross over between Swamp Thing and Titans in the same vein as Doom Patrol, but given the stark differences in both properties, I would think that even if they coexist in the same world, but likely will not crossover.

Swamp Thing, although not featured will have a nice mention on next week’s episode of another DC show, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, with John Constantine acknowledging he knows a “Swamp Thing”, after reports of a magical creature terrorizing a summer camp near a swamp. Unless kept quiet all this time, it is a lost opportunity if you ask me, to not feature both Swamp Thing and Constantine in live action together for the first time. This is not the first time Constantine makes a mention of previous supernatural character he has encountered, the short-lived live action Constantine series featured an ester egg to Dr Fate with the onscreen appearance of the Helmet of Nabu, as well as teasing twice of a transformation of Jim Corrigan into the Spectre over the 13-episode run. Constantine is currently a series regular in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.


Henderson Wade was recently seen in Riverdale where he played the role as Sheriff Michael Minetta, similarly however, on Swamp Thing as Matt Cable he is described as a Louisiana lawman who comes face to face with new supernatural elements in his town. Matt Cable has a long history in DC Comics, as a government agent tasked to protect scientist Alec Holland, and eventually blames the swamp creature for the scientist’s disappearance.


The James Wan produced Swamp Thing is set to debut on the DC Universe streaming service in 2019, in the meantime we have plenty of Titans, Young Justice, and Doom Patrol to watch along the way. Let us know if the news excites you in the comment section below.

Source: Deadline


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