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Just a couple of days ago, director Fede Alvarez spoke about several films he was considering working on next. With his latest film The Girl in the Spider’s Web hitting theaters this weekend, it’s hardly surprising that Alvarez is back in the news cycle already. Especially since the filmmaker is tackling a rather popular franchise that was last adapted to film by one David Fincher only seven years ago.

With that in mind, Alvarez recently had an interview about his latest film with Fandango. For starters, the director explained why he opted to leap frog over the second and third books in the franchise, stating, “I think book two and three were a direct continuation of the first story, right? A lot of the things that happened with those books and the stories… you need to have seen the first one to kind of understand what’s going on there. You wouldn’t understand a lot of the events of the second book if you haven’t read the first one, [and it’s the] same with the movie. I think what was cool about this one is that it’s kind of a fresh start, in a way…

Alvarez also explained his personal interest in the franchise, adding:

I always look to do things that I can put myself into. Meaning, I write all my movies, I wrote this one, I wrote Evil Dead, I wrote Don’t Breathe, and that is a way for me to not just be the guy that shoots it, but to put my voice in it – to talk about the themes and ideas I’m interested in. So, when you go to do a bigger studio movie like this coming from Don’t Breathe, not a lot of them have the room for you, at least for me with the tones and things I’m interested in, to talk about. It felt like the world of Millennium and the world of Dragon Tattoo was going to be the perfect sandbox for me to come in and play.

And so, it was partly that the tone of those books felt like it was in the world of my movies, and at the same time, it’s obviously the character of Lisbeth Salander, who I’m just fascinated by. She’s probably the most interesting character in literature in the last decade.

As I stated earlier this week, I quite liked Don’t Breathe. Alvarez seems like a very promising filmmaker and I’m looking forward to seeing how he did with The Girl in the Spider’s Web later this week!

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