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CREED II Clip Offers First Look At Viktor Drago


It won’t be long now before fans finally see the Drago family return to the big screen in Creed II this month! Last week, Rocky IV‘s Dolph Lundgren spoke about returning as Ivan Drago. Now all eyes are starting to shift over towards Drago’s son Viktor, who will be fighting main protagonist Adonis Creed in the film.

Needless to say, MGM Studios is now leaning into Viktor as part of the film’s promotion. The studio recently released a video featurette listing off the various impressive statistics about Romanian wrestler and actor Florian Munteanu all interspersed with various clips of Munteanu in the film as Viktor. You can watch the clip down below!

My personal takeaway from the video is that Munteanu is a beast of a man. A 6’4/193cm tall and 245lbs/111kg beast, to be precise. While Michael B. Jordan isn’t tiny by any means, the extra four or so inches of height Munteanu has on him are quite apparent.

That said, I do find it a bit concerning that the featurette doesn’t show much of Viktor’s character. Hopefully the film proper won’t characterize him as only being a mountain of muscle and shows some level of humanity within him. Especially considering the comments that Lundgren made recently about returning as Ivan Drago.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Munteanu in Creed II? Be sure to join in the conversation down below!

SOURCE: MGM Studios via YouTube


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