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Krasinski Opens Up About The True Metaphor of A QUIET PLACE


Something I recently discussed on an episode of The Fanboy Podcast is how I love when artists take very simple ideas and concepts and then turn the volume way up. I outlined how, at the core of some of the biggest, most larger than life tales…are themes that relate to the most bare, everyday wants and fears a person can have. A Quiet Place director John Krasinski has revealed what was at the heart of his smash hit creature feature from earlier this year.

For those unaware, the premise of A Quiet Place was that the world has been over-run by creatures that attack anything that makes a sound, and we follow the plight of one family trying to survive.

We had just had our second daughter — she was 3 weeks old when I read the script,” Krasinski said at Deadline’s annual The Contenders event. “The idea was perfect. I saw the entire movie within 30 minutes of finishing the script because I was holding my daughter when I was reading the pages.

He continued, “I said if I can actually take this experience of these early days of parenthood, which is pure terror, pure nerves–you’re not even a real person– and put that a movie and make this the best metaphor for parenting that I’ve ever encountered, that was my goal.

Krasinski tapped into the fear and the helplessness parents can feel, especially when a newborn arrives. They’re just so vulnerable, so innocent, and so loud with how they communicate their needs. It certainly created a ton of drama and tension for the film, and it’s clear to see that there was a very authentic family dynamic driving the whole story- which speaks to the director’s desire to treat the whole thing as a metaphor for parenting.

A Quiet Place, with its themes of family, togetherness, and sacrifice, resonated with audiences everywhere to the tune of $338.5M worldwide- one of many triumphs for the horror genre this year.

SOURCE: Deadline

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