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Fede Alvarez Talks About Possible EVIL DEAD, DON’T BREATHE And LABYRINTH Sequels


There’s just one rub- he’s potentially involved with three different franchises at the moment (Evil Dead, Don’t Breathe and Labyrinth).

In an interview with MovieWeb, the director discussed the warring interests between a possible sequel to either his 2013 debut and franchise reboot Evil Dead or his 2016 thriller Don’t Breathe. He explained, “I’ve learned to shut my mouth when it comes to these things. It tends to turn into headlines. We just never want to play with anyone’s expectations. When I tweeted that I was interested in seeing what people prefer. We were having some internal debates about what people would be interested in most. Unfortunately, Evil Dead 2 won. Which, I guess I would have preferred Don’t Breathe 2 to win because it’s one of my own creations. Obviously Evil Dead has the bigger following. So that’s what happened.

The director also gave MovieWeb a small update about the Labyrinth sequel he’s attached to. Alvarez stated, “I never said the script is complete. I never believe the script is actually complete. We do have a first version of it, we have a first version that I think is amazing. I’m sure we’ve gotta write more because that’s the way we do with Jay [Basu]. We’re gonna keep writing until we believe that it’s a perfect script. We’re gonna try to get there because that’s one that has such a beloved fanbase, me included in it, that I would never do anything that’s far from perfect. Or at least I’m gonna try to aim there. It will take some time because that’s not something you rush. It’s been enough years that I think no one should rush that one. We’re gonna try and get it right.

While I’ve yet to see Alvarez’s Evil Dead film, Don’t Breathe was one of my favorite films of 2016 and the director was my second favorite pick behind Matt Reeves to replace Ben Affleck as the director for The Batman back in the early months of 2017. I see a lot of promise in Alvarez as a filmmaker and really hope he does well moving forward.

Which film do you think he should do next? Be sure to comment below!

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