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GLADIATOR 2 is A Little Closer to Happening


I have to give it to Ridley Scott. The dude is 81 years old and, according to his IMDB page, has about eight movies in development to direct. You can add one more to that list: Gladiator 2.

Variety is reporting that Scott, along with Paramount, has hired Peter Craig (12 Strong, The Town) to write the sequel.

Here’s a little on the original Gladiator from Variety:

The original pic starred Russell Crowe as Maximus, a General in the Roman army, who is betrayed by the Emperor and left for dead while his family is brutally murdered. He is eventually forced to become a gladiator after being captured by slave traders, who lead him back to Rome to fight as a gladiator while plotting his revenge against Emperor that betrayed him.

Gladiator was a box office hit and went on to win five Oscars including Best Picture and Best Actor for Russell Crowe.

Obligatory SPOILER ALERT, albeit a bit ridiculous for an 18 year old movie most of you probably saw.

Okay, ready?

Don’t expect Crowe to return for the sequel as his character, Maximus, dies at the end of the first movie; however, if Crowe and Scott had their wish, the sequel would have followed Maximus into the afterlife and gotten weird, like really wierd. I’m talking Maximus being sent by the gods to fight in WWII and Vietnam weird.

Actually, I want to see that movie.


What do you think? Should Gladiator get a sequel? Has it been too long, or just long enough?

SOURCE: Variety


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