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Antoine Fuqua in Talks For Immortal Thriller INFINITE


The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, The Equalizer 1 & 2) is in talks to direct the action film Infinite.

Here’s the plot:

The [film] tells of a group of near-immortal men and women who are reincarnated over the centuries and known as ‘the Infinite.’ In order to defeat an evil mastermind who has designs to destroy the planet, the group has to reluctantly rely on one man, a schizophrenic who will have to learn that all his vivid dreams are actually memories from past lives, in order to defeat the villain.

Sounds like an interesting enough plot. The idea of a group of people being reincarnated over centuries reminds me a bit of the book The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. If you haven’t read it, I recommend you correct that mistake. Although, I should warn you, Mitchell is addictive. You may end up reading his entire bibliography.

Fuqua has built his career making grounded, gritty, action thrillers, in various genres, including westerns (The Magnificent Seven) and historical epics (King Arthur). He usually brings it with well directed actions scenes and he likes to cast Denzel Washington, which is never a bad thing.

The original script is by Ian Shorr. I checked him out on IMDB, and he doesn’t have much to his credit. What he has written (Office Uprising, Splinter) seems to be smaller, lesser known films. He did write on the short lived Training Day TV series (which I think was cancelled) so maybe Fuqua sees something in him that hasn’t manifested yet.

Lorenzo di Bonaventura (The Transformers movies) is producing along with Mark Vahradian. Bellevue Productions’ John Zaozirny is also producing with Rafi Crohn filling in the role of Executive produce.



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