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Robin Wright On What WONDER WOMAN 1984 Means To This Cultural Moment


At this point, it’s not a stretch to say that Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984 is probably one of the top three or four most highly anticipated superhero films coming out within the next several years. The only other films I can think of that would compete with it right now are the Russo Bros’ untitled fourth Avengers film, Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther 2 and Matt Reeves’ The Batman. And let’s be fair, that hype seems well-earned with how great a job Jenkins did with the first film and the various details we know so far about the upcoming sequel.

Though we’ve known for awhile now that acclaimed actress Robin Wright would return as General Antiope for a short sequence in Wonder Woman 1984, it’s exciting that the Princess Bride veteran has spoken about the upcoming film. In an interview with Variety, Wright said, “It’s going to be an iconic time: a little Wonder Woman in the vortex of this movement. And what Wonder Woman, who was created in the ‘40s, what does she symbolize? Justice and equality and speaking the truth. So to be a part of that enhancement, as Wonder Woman’s general, it’s so great.

The past year or so has been an interesting time for Hollywood with the #MeToo movement having morphed the landscape and raised more awareness to longstanding issues in the industry.

Wright spoke on that ongoing change and her hopes of what it means for future generations, saying:

I really have been on this path of talking about, or wanting to focus on this new generation, the little boys and the little girls. Let’s start there. Because we all — women, men — we’ve all just gone through life going, ‘That’s just the way things are.’ I’m guilty of it, too: ‘Yeah, that’s just the way it is,’ if you felt someone cross a line with you. We need to change that tape. It’s not going to be that way anymore. And when you teach the little ones the difference between right and wrong and they grow up with that, that’s going to be a whole new world.

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SOURCE: Variety

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