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RUMOR: LEGEND OF ZELDA TV Series Being Developed By CASTLEVANIA’s Adi Shankar


Castlevania is an anime series on Netflix, and a popular one at that. Adi Shankar is in charge of that. A new season was just recently released. Interest in the series has been higher than normal lately, due to Castlevania characters making it into the upcoming fighter Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Shankar took to Instagram to tease a new videogame related project:

After that came out, The Wrap reported that the series is indeed based off of The Legend Of Zelda. We will find out for sure on November 16th at 1pm. But this is amazing if true.

There is no indication if this will be anime style like Castlevania or CGI, or live action. I would love if it were live action, but I will watch it regardless of the style.

The Legend Of Zelda has had a rich history on Nintendo. There is a ton of adventures and mechanics to mine for the TV show. It should be treated like comic book movies Adapt different elements of different video games to make one original story, while staying true to the spirit of the franchise.

Live action would have a Game Of Thrones type feel to it. Traditional or CGI animation might turn some people off, because that is just the nature of things. Anime would too, but I can certainly see the series going that way, like Castlevania did.

If it happens to not be The Legend Of Zelda, there are a ton of other possibilities. Things like Metroid Prime, Starfox, and Earthbound are all properties that could lend themselves to a TV series.

The best possibility would be a Super Smash Bros series crossing over all of Nintendo’s iconic characters. That won’t happen, but it’s fun to think about.

The topic of this TV show was discussed at length on this week’s episode of our flagship show, The Revengers Podcast, so check that out if you want to hear what we’d like to see happen here.

What property are you hoping is adapted? Do you want live action, or animation?


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